Ariana Dental Lab Denture Specialist

The Best One-Person Boutique Dental Lab in New York City! 

Owned and operated by a Denture Specialist with 40 years experience in NYC!

High tech equipment, high quality materials (made in the USA) plus all work done by one skilled hand guarantees the finest designed dentures. 

All Dentures, Repairs, and Relines are cleaned and sanitized!

We are a covid Safe Dental Lab!

1367 Coney Island Avenue 3rd Floor  [b/w Ave J & Ave K] Brooklyn, NY 11230        

Lab Phone: (646) 256-2248 

Business Hours:

Sunday – Friday: 12 pm – 7 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Unbreakable Essex Retainer & Clear Unbreakable Flipper:

Old Full Denture & New Duplicate Denture/Old Flipper & New Duplicate Flipper:


Implant with White Gold Teeth, Vitallium Framework and Flexi Clasp


Temporary Bridges:


Dual Color Unbreakable Flipper and Nesbit:

Ariana Dental Lab is a boutique dental lab owned and operated by a Certified Dental Technician, a specialist in dentures, with 30 years experience in New York City. Specialties: tcs Unbreakable Dentures; Hybrid Design Dentures; Temporary Bridges; Duplicate Dentures; Invisalign Retainers; Nobilium Metalframes; Perfect Fit Dentures; Emergency Dentures; Authorized EMA Laboratory (for Sleep Apnea Appliances). If you don’t like the dentures, simply return them and we will return your money back!

Denture Repairs in a few hours as long as you drop off and pick up! This is for simple repairs such as cracks, fractures, adding or replacing broken tooth. Complicated Repairs take more hours (depending on the specific repair).

Four Hour Flippers as long as you drop off and pick up!

Next Day All Acrylic Partial Denture again as long as you drop off and pick up!

DUPLICATE DENTURES: Give us the old denture, we duplicate with new teeth. If you are located close to our lab, we will give you the old denture back in a couple of hours. Otherwise, it is returned the next day. The new denture will be ready in one week. Our system is perfected so no Try-In needed. You can count on the work being of high quality and superior craftsmanship. Only ADA approved Nobilium frames and denture material.

Prompt Turn-Around: Work is normally finished within ten working days and ready for delivery.  

1367 Coney Island Avenue 3rd Floor  [b/w Ave J & Ave K] Brooklyn, NY 11230        

Lab Phone: (646) 256-2248 

Business Hours:

Sunday – Wednesday: 12 pm – 8 pm

Thursday: 12 pm – 4 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Videos of our work:

Removable Facing: Smile normalizer without cutting teeth 

Combination Partial: Flexiclasp and Onlay Connected to a Nobilium frame In this case, the patient is missing the lingual side of their premolar. I crafted an acrylic onlay. Here are the three steps of this case: Part 1: Flexiclasp and onlay lingual side of premolar with tooth acrylic.
Part 2: Set Up in Wax for Try In. Part 3: Process & Finish Ready for Insertion Silicon Cusil Implant Attachments Flexible Partial

Ariana Dental Lab uses only the highest quality materials and under strict quality control that meet FDA guidelines. Be warned against dentures made in overseas labs that do not meet American standards of safety and quality!

We use premium teeth, color-stable acrylic for durable and natural-looking dentures.

We are located at:

1367 Coney Island Avenue 3rd Floor [between Ave J & Ave K] Brooklyn, NY 11230


Lab Phone: (646) 256-2248  Office: (718) 872-8111

Please check our Google Map listing HERE for directions.

Ariana Dental Lab Inc. Transit: Avenue J(0.2 mi E) Q Train to Avenue J B6   B11   B68   to Avenue J and Coney Island Avenue

Our Products are Made in the USA

Our Products are Made in the USA